"What Would
You Like To Do?"

The Print & Media Lab

Accommodates both traditional & digital processes. You can...

...digitally print your work or do it the old fashioned way. Whatever your fancy you can get your print on in a professional print lab that has all the equipment that you will need (note : some materials will have to be acquired). See Dansby or ask a lab tech. You can use the digital printer (with the help of our Output Services Operators), Letterpress, Lithography, Intaglio, Screen Printing and even make a Potato Print or two. Did we also mention that you can bring your dog or cat?

The Print Lab is also used for producing multiples of your work & what not.
If you need to make stuff for class, personal projects or for what ever, you have all the equipment required. For instance the Graphic Design School uses the lab for the production of the always favorite T-Shirt Show and all of the lovely posters that get snatched off the walls of CalArts.

The Large Format

currently offers large format printing via an Epson 9800 that can print on a variety of paper and poly film.

Poly film, Bond, Archival Matte, Satin & Photo Gloss that is 44 in. wide can be printed. For file prep help visit the large format print section of this web site using the link located in the menu above. The Large Format also offers vinyl cutting on various color vinyl (see operators for vinyl selection), and also offers laser cutting on various materials (materials not provided). For Large Format hours of operation and pricing use the links to the left (hours and pricing are subject to change from semester to semester). The Large Format now offers off hour file drop-off and print pick-up, visit the Large Format if you have any questions or email us at print.medialab@gmail.com


Now that you have finished your work, you can now add the finishing touches.

For the final steps of the printing process we have a super clean finishing area with tables, cut mats and binding machines so you dont have to go all the way back to your studio to do all of the stuff you need to finish a job. It also contains light tables, work tables, paper cutters, binding machines, carving tools and book making material. (Note: Not all material's are provided by the lab, check lab for materials available or information of where to aquire them)


Robert Dansby
Lab Director

"Dansby has collaborated on object multiples with John Baldessari, Russell Crotty, Sam Durant, Charles Gaines, Jiggs, Ed Ruscha & Keiji Shinohara."

Robert Dansby has exhibited at the National Museum of Singapore, Istanbul Museum of Contemporary Art, Arttopos, Athens, Catalyst, Berlin, Medienturm, Graz, Kunsten, Aalborg, the Palmer Museum and the Robeson Gallery, University Park, ISEA, Ars Electronica, Gourmetbeats and Crosscurrents, Pennsylvania State University. He has contributed to Res magazine, ISEA Journal and Medienturm Issue / Kommentare.
His works are included in the collections of The Grunwald Center for Graphic Arts in Los Angeles, The Armand Hammer Museum of Art, Cultural Center in Los Angeles, The Getty Center for Art & Humanities in Santa Monica.

He has collaborated on object multiples with John Baldessari, Russell Crotty, Sam Durant, Charles Gaines, Jiggs, Ed Ruscha and Keiji Shinohara. He has collaborated on various media projects including Step and Repeat (Valparaiso, Los Angeles, Trip, Pittsburgh, Singapore, Malaysia, Mexico City,Pulau Ubin, Indonesia and Tokyo Cycles), Braille Code Prints, Open Air, Radiotopia, Long Night of Radio, Crosscurrents 1, 2 & 3 with Carlos Rosas, Hollyhock House with Chris Peters and Carlos Rosas, The Last Variety Show, Applause & night radio remixes with Chris Peters, Courier, One Day in 1999, Coast to Coast, Little Movies, It's Still Life, The Day of the Act, The Smell of Gasoline, A Vicious Circle, Waiting For Julius and Mysteries with Charles Tashiro, dansby/kiefer and nightradioremixes with Tim Kiefer/DJ Staypuft, Kameleon VIP with 2562 and nightradio, dansby and Issues of (Pop)ular, -- ongoing media projects.