Due to COVID-19 restrictions, orientation for the 2020-2021 school year has been substituted with an instructional video. Orientation attendance, the online orientation agreement review, and email are yearly requirements. This is a contract between the you and the Lab. We require you to attend one orientation every new school year. Carefully review this page as there are account numbers, policies, and critical steps that you’ll need to complete orientation.

1. Technical proficiency (take a class, ind. study, practicum).

2. $50 Lab deposit. Paid once. To set up payment, Click Here.

3. Annual Orientation

4. Read and understand orientation page fully, expect random quizzes at any time.

*5. Watch Orientation Video (above). Follow directions in video. Complete directions by 2 Oct. No exceptions.

6. Failure to complete any above denies access to Lab and Lab Assets (including Curbside Checkout) for 2020/21 school year.

1. No food / no drink anywhere, ever.

2. Don't work under the influence - Self medication doesn't mix with the Lab equipment.

3. After Hours Access -by email request only - tech not present, user responsible for facility - request for afterhours access on weekends must be made by 3 pm thursday.

4. Competency test required upon request. Afterhours users must turn off equipment after use.

5. The pressure washer, humidifiers and the lamp in the exposure unit are sensitive to heat & pressure - prolonged powered-up conditions will shorten their life and damage them - POWER THEM DOWN - you are responsible for equipment you use.

6. Don't ask Cage or Output Services personnel to open just for you. Organize your time. There will be times when workers don't show.

7. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will Cage or Output Services operators be available outside of posted times. Ever. Don't ask Cage / Output Services to check-out equipment out for you.

8. Equipment check out is for lab use - overnight possible but only 24 hr. - fines $5 per day. Fines will be enforced. Unpaid fines will result in access loss.

9. Fill out database info during orientation - failure to do so means you weren't here, thus no access / no checkout.

10. Check-In is NOT : "leave item on table or in sink / hand to Lab Tech and walk away". Check items in with Lab Tech & confirm that all info is correct with your own eyes looking at the checkout screen every time you check something in or out .

11. Bindery equipment is checkout via security only - and only by individual proof of competency, - passing key from person to person will result in loss of access.

1. Don't bring a screen into the darkroom unless it is properly taped (full frame must be covered).

2. Each screen MUST have your name, semester & year on 4 sides of the frame.

3. Screens not clearly labeled with name & year ( all 4 sides) will be removed from Lab.

4. Don't coat anywhere but coating room ( the front 'cube') - any chemical / liquid / trash ( inc. tape) in middle and back rooms absolutely unacceptable.

5. Cleanup of floors and walls of coating area user responsibility - clean up with warm water & rag or repaint - failure to do either

in timely fashion will result in loss of lab deposit and access.

6. Don't leave kraft paper with emulsion on it on floor - it'll be stepped on by others and tracked into the darkroom!

7. Use paper on floor and 'card' your mesh after coating- don't assume paper or cards will be there every day - these items user responsibility and are a Lab courtesy that isn't always there for free - and PLEASE don't use the paper in the coating area as printing paper

8. Don't expose screen until it has dried for two hours.

9. Use the black sheet during exposure (look for mark to see which side is up) to protect the neoprene on the vacuum frame from improperly dried emulsion.

10. Don't remove rope from valve on right side of glass on the vacuum frame, make sure the rubber vane is attached to the valve (duct taped).

11. DO NOT place screen-frame on valve.

12. Both above will break glass - very costly.

13. Users are responsible for the cleaning emulsion on glass or neoprene and for removing your film and tape from darkroom after shooting.

1. The blue tables with casters are for paper and don't leave the Lab for long periods of time ( i.e. hanging posters) Please don't put anything but paper on them.

2. The blue tables with casters are for paper and don't leave the Lab for long periods of time ( i.e. hanging posters) Please don't put anything but paper on them.

3. Don't leave tape on tables and equipment.

4. No chemicals or inks in paper area, blotting area or sinks.

5. If you need early morning access don't knock on door - get afterhours access the day before.

6. Vinyl weeding should be done in the weeding area near Output area.

1. All chemicals color coded :

  • Black - cleaning ink
  • Yellow - retarder /thinner
  • Green - emulsion remover/reclaimer
  • White bottle (smallish) - retarder

2. Red and Green bottles stay in Blowout room - black, yellow and white stay in screen printing area.

3. Sinks / drains of any kind should NEVER have ink, chemicals (other than reclaimer or degreaser) or tape in them - residue in sinks results in loss of deposit and access.

4. Don't ever use the pressure washer to clean ink from your screens - period. We have rags for that cleaning screen, tables and floors, toss used rags in red or yellow cans.

5. The pressure washer has been set up slightly different this year so that users may access the power switch easily but is less susceptible chemicals being dripped on it. Please switch it off when not using it. It's a white plastic membrane cover, a 2 position switch..

6. When you you have finished using the pressure washer please squeeze the trigger on the water wand to relieve pressure in the unit, it'll make it last longer. If you've gotten ink or chemistry on any part, wipe it off.

7. Use rags to degrease and reclaim.

8. The One-arm screenprinting table is not work surface - cutting on surface and wet rags will damage top.

9. Don't put dripping screens in the drying areas - ever - drips on other screens leave rings on other peoples mesh that are impossible to remove.

10. Don't store screens in ANY rack in the Lab for extended periods of time - they are for drying , not storage. Abuse of this rule will result in loss of screen, access & deposit.

Cage/Output Services recharges: you must have a department authorization/budget form AND fill out OUR recharge form DIGITALLY, and have the Lab Director's signature -if you are using a department authorization/budget form for RedCat or Visiting Artist Posters bring both. There is absolutely no credit / no cash / no running 'tabs' / no reimbursement.

Read signs for Output Services and Cage hours - AGAIN - look at website. Orders arriving in Output Services at the end of shift will not be started during that shift. All jobs must be set up properly and prepaid - we recommend running a color check test strip before printing. All printing is a final sale. If you don't set up your file properly reprints are your financial responsibility. No adjustments in production area.

No afterhours / hallway transactions - period.

There is a small rack near Output Sevices for finished output.

During reviews we will attempt to expand hours of operation.

We will be posting material limitations of the laser cutter soon on the website.

Files left on desktop will be trashed ( including files labeled "don't trash") User is responsible for file storage - files lost are not the responsibility of the Lab.

For external drives we provide labeled USB and Firewire cables for external connections - there is never a need to disconnect cables in digital lab.

If you have an 800 Firewire drive please bring appropriate adapter.

Abuse of techs/operators will not be tolerated at any time.

The Lab closes for holidays, winter break, spring break and after graduation - operating hours are limited - if at all. Afterhours is impacted during these times as well, as generally there is no AC or ventilation.

DO NOT ASSUME we are open.

Look for signs, check or talk to me before Calarts holidays, off days etc.!