Follow instructions & policies. If you don’t understand or know - JUST ASK. For Time Sheet Info see doc sent via email. Read your email multiple times a day for Print Lab updates.

1. How to check out gear.

2. How to shoot a

  • Screen
  • Litho plate
  • Polymer plate

3. How to check out intaglio blankets and adjust intaglio presses roller pressure. If user runs past your shift inform next tech that presses are in use.

4. How access to letterpress is given and proper use & clean up. If user runs past your shift inform next tech that presses are in use.

5. How access to binding equipment is given and how equipment operates.

6. Where chemicals & rags are kept.

7. What chemicals purposes are.

1. If an area of the Lab is a mess - CLEAN IT UP, let Lab Director know where it was and details ( chemicals?, water? color of ink?).

2. Never, ever check equipment out or in without having user verify information on check out system.

3. Don't take equipment from users to " check in later". If equipment is found unattended in Lab check the system to see who had it last - email Lab Director.

4. Fill all chemicals, check rags.

5. If not needed in other areas specifically, stay in central area when working your shift, use dry erase marker on white board ( Tech is:) to show who & where you are.

6. Tasks assigned to techs outside of normal duties in Lab operations are NOT suggestions, but part of your job.

1. Are lights on that shouldnt be?

2. Humidifiers on?

3. Darkroom equipment on?

4. Ink or chemicals spills or residue?

5. Do the blowout room walls,ceilings or sinks have ink on them?

6. Digital lab, fire door and lab door should be locked at closing (check for tampering) and checked at opening

7. Are all of the assets in the digital lab? ( get familiar with what is in Digital Lab)

8. Anything having a lock should be locked.

9. Send image of glass on vacuum frame & coating floor in Dkrm, sinks in Blowout, afterhours users in Lab at closing.

10. Closers should warn users 30 mins before closing, and check w/ director about those claiming afterhours. At closing chemical cabinet should be locked and all color coded chemicals should be full and on tables. One bundle of rags should be in the wooden bin and 1/2 bundle in the cabinet opposite checkout.

11. Closers should drain and clean Filmstar at night, and Openers should refill only on request.

Be on time - illness, traffic etc. are everyday problems, however the students using this Lab don't care why you're not here - they need access and equipment. Please contact the list, Lab Director and either the Art Office or Campus Safety if you are going to be late. If you have to miss a shift - it is your responsibility to post to the list ahead of time and get somebody to cover.

Be aware that if 4 people want to cover the same shift - YOU should determine who emailed first, and not have the Lab Director referee multiple people trying to cover the shift. The Lab Director should always be in the email loop on all of this.